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The Planetary New Year and The Lion’s Gate Portal ~ What it is and How to Prepare.

Lions Gate Portal


The Planetary New Year: 26 July 2017

The “Day out of Time” falls on the 25th of July.  The 25th is a Magical and Sacred “womb space” where transformation from one time cycle to another is birthed.  It is a time to be joyful and creative as you lay the foundations for your New Year cycle at the highest level possible. This creative and festive energy will carry you into the 26th when the Planet and all living beings will begin a new personal cycle of creation and being.

This festive cycle on July 26th is known as Planetary New Year. This date was known, to the Ancient Mayans and the Ancient Egyptians, as the moment when Planet Earth begins a new cycle in her ongoing evolution.

For the Ancient Egyptians, this time was marked by an annual event called the “Heliacal rising of Sirius”.  This is the time when Sirius rises in the morning sky right next to the Sun.  It was also the time in the Egyptian calendar when the Nile would rise and flood the lands bringing fertility and abundance to the people.  In addition, Sirius was also known as the Sacred Teacher Star, and when its powerful Light Codes aligned with the Sun they were transmitted to the Earth through the annual Lion’s Gate portal.

The Lion’s Gate portal begins to open on the 26th of July and reaches its climax on the 8th of August as the 8/8.  This is the powerful time of the “Two Suns”, one Golden White (the Sun of Earth) and one Electric Blue (Sirius).  The Diamond Light Codes that carry the patterns and templates for the next spiral of time are transmitted from the Galactic Center and amplified by Sirius as they are integrated into the Earth Planetary Time Cycles. 


The Lion’s Gate: 8 August 2017

So, you can see that the climactic points of this series of energy alignments and accelerations will be the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August and the two Eclipses in Leo of August of 2017.

The Lion’s Gate is a powerful portal in Leo that is under the guardianship of the Royal Spirit Lions of Sirius.  These Magnificent Beings of Light, known as the Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow, hold the Sacred Space for the New Light Codes and Evolutionary Templates to descend to Earth and to activate the grids and Light Bodies of all who are receptive to lifting their evolution to a higher spiral of Consciousness.

It is very necessary to keep your personal consciousness and energy signature at a high level at this time. Take full advantage of the flow of Divine Light and Blessings in the incoming new Diamond Light Codes.  Do not allow any events to pull you down into lower levels of consciousness such as anger, fear and anxiety.

This is indeed the time of the Great Shift of 2017, and you need to remember that you are a Light Warrior and an embodied Master of Light.  It is your work to hold these energies in your Energy Signature, so that the new Light Codes may enter and be grounded, through you, for the benefit of Humanity and the Planet.


The Eclipses of the 7th and 21st of August

The Lion’s Gate portal closes on the 12th of August.  However, the energy will continue to be intense through the month of August, and will be amplified and augmented by the two Eclipses in Leo.

On the Full Moon in Leo on the 7th of August, the day before the Lion’s Gate, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Sun in Leo).  This will create the space for further empowerment of the Goddess energy on the Planet. In February of 2017, there was an annular lunar eclipse in Leo (Sun in Aquarius), that initiated this powerful flow of Diamond Energy to the Earth as part of the Rising of the Goddess/Divine Feminine energy on the Earth.

In this year of 2017, you will become more aware of the rising power of the Divine Feminine, as the Right Brain energies of Creativity and Compassion become more clearly active.  There will be increased opportunity for the emerging Unified Field of Higher Consciousness to be expressed through the Divine Feminine energies.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August completes the cycle of eclipses for 2017. The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo ensures that the New Planetary Codes, initiated by the Royal Sirian Star Lions, are integrated into the Planetary Grids.

At this time, the expanding energies of shift and change will have provided the major force for significant change on Earth.  As a Fire Energy, the Lion or Leo energy will burn away and transform everything that is not in alignment with the Diamond Light Codes of the New Reality.

From this point forward, the emphasis will be on new ways of living and perception.  The old ways will continue to be challenged by the rising energies of the New Earth. The power of the emerging field of Unified Consciousness will transform and change, making space for the New Reality on Earth.


Preparing for these High Vibrational Energies 

It is very important to make sure that you are not only Grounded deep within the Earth but to remain plugged in and connected to the Upper Vibrations at the same time, in a Balanced and Harmonious state of Being.

If you have pieces of Carnelian crystal, jewelry with Carnelian, or even orange, red or brown colored gemstones, crystals, clothes, altar clothes, or candles, you may want to bring them into your sacred space for a Grounding Ritual.


Get your Carnelian gemstones at Crystal Visions! 



Earth’s Hidden Treasures returns to Crystal Visions, Saturday, 8 July!

Look at Rocks


Jim & Angela Fonner with Earth’s Hidden Treasures returns to Crystal Visions!  

They will be at the shop, 10 am to 3 pm, with their Collection of Minerals from around the World! 

Learn about the different types of Minerals and even Buy the pieces that call out to you! 




Crystal Visions Holiday Hours

4th of July Image2

Happy 4th of July!

In Celebration of the 4th of July Holiday, Crystal Visions will be Closed Monday, July 3rd to Thursday, July 6th. 

We will re-open on Friday, July 7th at 10 am.

Have a Fun and Safe Holiday! 




Healing Share Circle, Today, Sunday at 4 pm.

Healing Circle

Healing Share Circle

Sunday: June 25, 2017

4 -5 pm

Must be a Certified Healing Practitioner

Cost: Donation

Please RSVP to Reserve your Spot!

If we do not receive any RSVPs by 3:30 pm, The Healing Share Circle will be canceled for the day. 



Tomorrow, Saturday, June 3rd ~ Minerals and Crystals on Display and for Sale ~ 10 am to 6 pm.

Look at Rocks

Saturday ~ June 3rd


Jim & Angela Fonner with Earth’s Hidden Treasures returns to Crystal Visions!  They will be at the shop with their Collection of Minerals from around the World! 

Learn about the different types of Minerals and even Buy the pieces that call out to you! Each time the Fonner’s return to Crystal Visions, they bring a different assortment of their extensive collection!

Tomorrow they will bring in some Moldavite, per many requests. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to experience this event!


Here are some of the collection that was brought in last month:





Healing Share Circle, Today at 4 pm. Please RSVP by 3 pm.

Healing Circle

Healing Share Circle

Today, Sunday ~  May 21, 2017

4 -5 pm

Must be a Certified Healing Practitioner

Cost: Donation

Please RSVP by 3 pm Today!

If no one RSVPs, then there will not be a Healing Circle today and the shop will close at 4 pm.

Call the shop to RSVP.  (860) 591-1039



This Weekend’s Hours for Crystal Visions.

Mothers Day

Today, Saturday, 13 May, 2017 ~ we will only be open from 10 am to 12:30 pm. 

We will, however, be open tomorrow on Mother’s Day, 10 am to 4 pm.

If your Mom is Crossed Over (on the Other Side), or you may be a mom that will not be with her family this day, or you want to bring your mom in to the shop…. please join Lisa and Tiffany as they have a tea party with our Moms in Spirit. A tea party in honor of Mom! 

Share stories about our mothers and share the love with the moms that do come by!


Mothers Day2


Herb of the Week: PennyRoyal




Common Names: PennyRoyal , Penny-Royal, poleo

Botanical Name: Mentha pulegium


Pennyroyal is an important member of the family of mints, used historically since the time of Pliny to stimulate suppressed menstruation, alleviate cramps and tension during a woman’s monthly cycle and facilitate childbirth.

Preparation Methods & Dosage: whole herb teas, use essential oil in topical applications only.

Pennyroyal oil is an excellent insect repellent, and is used in many commercial preparations. Just remember that a few drops will go a long way. The oil is extremely potent, and extremely toxic if taken internally.

PennyRoyal Side Effects: Pennyroyal used as the whole herb in tea is one that can be used safely for its intended purposes, when coupled with common sense, respect, knowledge and caution. A woman would have to drink enormous quantities of whole herb tea to cause a miscarrage, so there is little chance of an accidental overdose. Still best avoid use while pregnant, unless under guidance to facilitate labor .

Pennyroyal oil, however is extremely toxic, doses a small 1 teaspoon can cause convulsions, and ingestion has even resulted in death. Never, ever, never take pennyroyal oil internally for any reason.

You can purchase pennyroyal herb at Crystal Visions, along with many other natural herbs and herbal blends.

Reminder: Meditation Circle, Today, Sunday ~ 4 to 5 pm at Crystal Visions.



Meditation Circle

Sunday: May 7, 2017

4 -5 pm

Cost: Donation

Please RSVP

For this Meditation, it is highly recommended that you bring a Blanket and Pillow if you would like to lay down during the meditation.




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