The 8 crystals for the Winter Solstice continued. These are the next 3 for this week.

Garnet: A stone of fire & Vitality. A stone that has been used in Winter Solstice celebrations for a long period of time. An ancient talisman, Garnet is a stone that helps you use your creative energy to create new life, to compete your goals with enthusiasm, and to reach your goals.

Black Onyx: During the time of reflection, this stone helps you to deepen your connection with self – allowing you to understand what moves you & choose wisely for the upcoming year. A very powerful grounding stone, which is used to release any negativity you may be carrying.

 Azurite: A Stone of mystery & Magic, the stunning blues of Azurite will help you deepen vision & have more clarity when communicating with your guides, team, and higher self.