The 8 crystals for the Winter Solstice continued. These are the final 3. Most of these crystals can be found at Crystal Visions:


Sugilite: Known as a healer’s stone, Sugilite will enhance your meditative state and space, which will allow you to tune into cosmic knowledge. Helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit


Snowflake Obsidian: This stone will help you to find balance between light and dark, especially for those who have difficulties with the long nights of winter. This is also a stone that helps by bringing things to the surface that must be addressed so you can move forward in your life.


Snow Quartz:  Representing the purity of winter, Snow Quartz is believed to bring good fortune. Known for its ability to foster soothing energy and bring out calm, Snow Quartz is often used to help with purification on a spiritual level.