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Earth’s Hidden Treasures & a Supermoon

With Earth’s Hidden Treasures coming in to Crystal Visions tomorrow Saturday December 2nd we wanted to share with you the gemstones that are great for the full moon December 3, 2017.

Decembers’ full moon is going to pack one hell of a punch. Mercury goes retrograde on December 3, as well as this full moon is a supermoon. A supermoon means this will be the closest moon to the Earth in 2017. Some people will feel the effects of this supermoon sharply. Astrologically, this moon is built for passion, zealous activities, fiery outburst, and protection. For those who feel the effects and the energy of the moon, hera are crystal to wear or carry around with you the time of the full supermoon to create the perfect balance.

Celestite: a stone of peace and calm energy, known as a stone of sanctuary. Celestite will also help you connect to your intuition and guidance with more ease.

Kunzite: has the power of loving thought. This stone helps to remove conflict with yourself or someone else. Resonates with the heart chakra.

Garnet: This January birthstone helps the bearer to remain true to themselves. A stone of passion, garnet helps you to see when you may be self-sabotaging yourself or resisting necessary change.

Pietersite: This stone removes the illusion of feeling alone, of being separate from others. Pietersite builds a sense of community and helps you to walk your own truth.

Black Moonstone: Black moonstone helps you to see into the shadows and not become attached to them. This allows you to see with more clarity and to avoid pitfalls.

Selenite: is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck & protection. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, &    activate the Crown and Higher Chakras & is excellent for all types of spiritual work. Selenite can also be used to strengthen the memory, contact your Guardian Angel, or Spiritual Guides. Cleansing & clearing other crystals of negative energies and vibrations is another wonderful property. You will never have to recharge or cleanse your Selenite


Connection Show with guest Medium & Psychic Gary McKinstry


Thursday January 11, 2018

7 pm – 9 pm

Crystal Visions 4th Connection Show 


Back by popular demand Crystal Visions will be hosting a “Connection” show with guest Medium & Psychic Gary McKinstry. Thursday January 11th 7 pm – 9 pm. Tickets are $45 and sell out very fast. Seating is intimate so tickets are first come first serve basis. Our Connection Shows are a huge success. Come and “connect” with your loved ones on the other side. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW at Crystal Visions. 
Tickets are nonrefundable. 
(Messages are not guaranteed for everyone in attendance)

Saturday: December 2, Earth’s Hidden Treasures Returns to Crystal Visions

Look at Rocks

Saturday: December 2, 2017

​10 am – 3 pm

​Jim & Angela Fonner with Earth’s Hidden Treasures return to the shop with their Collection of Minerals from around the World!

They bring different selections of their enormous collection each time they come.

​Their unique collection is for sale, so you can purchase the pieces that call out to you!

Crystal Generators

The Goldylocks Zone

Rose Quartz GeneratorCrystal Generators are crystals terminating in six faces (facets). Generators are sometimes also called Projector Crystals. Crystal Generators can vary greatly in size but are all powerful regardless.

Generators do exactly what their name implies … they generate and project energy and are also great for re-energizing or recharging other crystals and stones.

They are often placed in the center of a Meditation Circle during group meditations, and in the center of Healing Shares as well. These crystals are favorites for alternative healing procedures, generating and directing energy in precise regular pulses and patterns, especially when programmed for specific functions.

Like all stones, each Generator is a distinct individual with its own lifetime of experience and unique frequency transmissions. It can contain phantoms, rainbows, inclusions, or it can be perfectly clear. A Generator can be any member of the Quartz family so long as all of its six sides terminate…

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